chia balls for the juice bars in miami
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chia seed balls are the healthiest balls in america

Why Chia Pudding is the 8 wonder of the world

summer time is here and we getting ready for a chia healthy snack adventure The more I eat this superfood the more I love it. They are fun and easy to digest if you prepared them correctly and treat for any type of road trip. plus, these little seeds keep you...


chia balls for the juice bars in miami
Chia Ballz is the healthiest snack you can´t get anywhere else but here. It is a surprisingly delicious snack that is filled with organic chia, shredded coconut, Almond Butter, Cranberries, orange, and honey. Get your Healthy Fun Snack and start enjoying Healthy eating on the go.
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Becoming a chia baller is our goal. But what is a chia baller you ask? Well, a chia baller is a person who loves healthy snacks. there is a healthy trend in America, so we at chia ballz decided to create something special for our healthy hustlers and coined them the CHIA BALLERZ. So FOLLOW US on Social Media to keeping the American healthy hustle and don’t forget to get your pack of chia ballz to enjoy the benefits of all the healthy snack Hustle.

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chia chocolate

the chia chocolate is the healthiest chocolate in the USA. Chi ballz Chocolate  is the only chocolate that has no dairy, no gluten, and no added sugar. One bite of this delicious chocolate will calm those chocolate cravings you get thru out the week. So , America if youré in need of a vegan chocolate that tastes incredible you just found it in chia ballz healthiest snack in america

chia chocolate is the best on acai chia bowl

Juice bars ,Coffee shops and health food stores

America is increasingly growing in the healthy food consumption. Juice Bars, Coffee shops, and health food stores are trending across the USA with the help of conscious consumer that are choosing to support local business. we invite you to try Chia Ballz Snacks at participating Juice bars in your area.

If you are a Juice Bar , Coffee Shop or a Health Food store in USA and would like to carry Chia Ballz fill out your information below to contact us.

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