chia balls for the juice bars in miami

 The Dairy Free, Gluten Free, No sugar added Guilt Free healthy fun Snack, That gives you Energy, So you can have BALLZ to take on everyday life.


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chia chocolate

the chia chocolate is the healthiest chocolate in the USA. Chi ballz Chocolate  is the only chocolate that has no dairy, no gluten, and no added sugar. One bite of this delicious chocolate will calm those chocolate cravings you get thru out the week. So , America if youré in need of a vegan chocolate that tastes incredible you just found it in chia ballz healthiest snack in america

chia chocolate is the best on acai chia bowl

Juice bars ,Coffee shops and health food stores

Chia seeds are increasingly growing in popularity all across america because of their high nutritional value. and now you can have chia seeds any time of of the day. we currently distribute in participating  Juice Bars, Coffee shops, and health food stores So if your looking for a Healthy snack that has BALLS got out to and buy some or order online. we invite you to try Chia Seed Ballz Snacks at participating Juice bars in your area.

If you are a Juice Bar , Coffee Shop or a Health Food store in the USA and would like to carry Chia Ballz fill out your information below to contact us.

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